Jeff Goldblum’s sideline as a jazz musician wasn’t a strategic move on the actor’s part.

The actor is loved by millions for his work in films like Jurassic Park, The Fly and more recently Thor: Ragnarok.

He’s also lauded for his style choices, regularly making the list of best-dressed men in the world, and adding another string to his bow, Jeff released his debut album, a jazz record, in November (18).

“I was never careerist or strategic,” he told U.S. InStyle of his jazz sideline. “I never wanted to get anything out of this except just the fun of doing it. Acting was another thing, although my way of doing this has bled over, happily, into what I’m doing in acting.

“I feel I’m doing my best stuff and am on the threshold of even better stuff than I’ve ever done.”

Away from his packed work schedule, the 66-year-old is kept busy at home raising young sons Charlie, three, and River, 20 months, with wife 35-year-old Emilie Livingston.

And when it comes to his boys, Jeff is hoping they’ll grow up to be as creative as their dad.

“You know, I’ve devoted my life to poetry and art via imagination. I’d love to see them paint and make things up and play, but if I could offer them anything, it would be the wisdom of factual scientific investigation,” he mused.

“Through the day I’ll have moments with the kids when I’m ecstatic. Being with Emilie and Charlie Ocean and River Joe is more nourishing and transformational and fantastical than ever.”