You know when you get so busy and so much is happening and you're just moving through life so fast without taking a second to say, wow, I just accomplished that!?!? 

Well, we're going to take a moment here and announce that we are officially a SIGNED BAND! That felt good to say :) We just signed with Blue Mask Records which is the sister label to Pocket Kid Records (home to rock band Dead Sara) and, can I say, they are an amazingly cool team! We feel very lucky to have them on board with us.  And, to celebrate, we did an underwater shoot with the talented photographer Alex Lake of us signing our contracts.  I mean, come on, how many bands get to sign contracts under water?!  Plus with this 100 degree LA weather, I want to be living in a pool right now.

Also, this past Sunday night, we got to screen our debut music video on a 17 foot screen and had a party with the music vid crew, friends and family. It comes out around Oct 2 and we can't wait to share it with you! We have a teaser video out now though, so def check it out and get excited.


We're also going to be doing more and more shows as we get closer to the release of our EP so check our calendar and come out if you're in the area! And please please come say HI afterwards. We love meeting new friends 

Until next time!