For anyone who thinks there’s nothing new in electronic pop, singer/guitarist Alyssa Suede aka Rome Will Burn is here to challenge that notion. Or rather, to burn it to the ground.  Rome Will Burn’s music is a combination of electro-pop with classical elements.

Raised in Los Angeles, Suede spent most of her time training with an Olympic coach as a figure skater. Her experiences made extreme discipline and performing for large audiences the norm as she racked up numerous medals and titles while skating to eclectic music ranging from Tchaikovsky to Natalie Cole to the Goo Goo Dolls.   It didn’t hurt that her father, renowned composer/arranger David Campbell created the iconic orchestral parts for the Goo Goo Doll’s Iris and Green Day’s Time of Your Life (Good Riddance) - all a part of her childhood “lullabies.”

Due to the severity of her skating routine, which left her without much freedom, and growing up under the shadow cast by a superstar brother “I was typically ‘Beck’s little sister” it took some searching to find her own voice as an artist.  During high school Suede taught herself guitar and consequently began wracking up a series of impressive musical accomplishments as an independent singer-songwriter, performing at SXSW and Sundance and winning awards in International Film Festivals for her music videos, “Falling From Mars” and “Hollow.”

In 2015 Rome Will Burn (at the time a duo with Suede and Manifesto) released their first single, Chameleon.  Blogger, Perez Hilton, discovered it on Spotify (where it had approx. 800,000 hits) and released the song on his compilation CD, “Pop Up 7.”  

The duo parted ways in April of 2016.  Alyssa Suede is continuing Rome Will Burn focusing on co-writing songs with broad appeal about the things that make you want to dance. Often her songs cleverly combine the subjects of love and music to great effect, as in her soon-to-be- released single, “Loving Out Loud” which encourages lovers to say what they feel and get past emotional obstacles. 

Keep a look out for Suede and Rome Will Burn with several new singles slated for release in the upcoming months.  The above mentioned is already #12 on the “New and Hot Indie Charts” on Soundcloud.